Facilitating Planner/Designer

Alex Acimovic is a land planner and designer with more than 26 years of project management and design experience serving landowners, developers, builders, technical consultants, various public agencies, and stakeholders. His past and current projects involve the planning, design, and entitlement of either raw land or existing uses and development.  Planning and design products range from concept drawings and studies to detailed programs and technical planning and engineering-level design. His project management and design experience includes a wide range of project types, sizes, detail, and complexity throughout California, in U.S. locales, and in Mexico, China, Spain, and Italy.

Mr. Acimovic has a unique ability to bridge both the land planning and civil engineering disciplines. His specialty is working with civil engineers as well as technical planning staff, architects, and landscape architects in the planning, design, and mapping process.  Bridging the conceptual and technical  realms, he can design all preliminary civil engineering components of project design into plans; this facilitates more realistic and feasible designs and the ability to carry plans from concept to the more technical and preliminary engineering-level phase. This process results in a balance of client goals, improved land value, and environmental considerations within the regulatory framework.

Mr. Acimovic is a graduate of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, with a Bachelor of Science degree in City and Regional Planning. He received an Excellence in Design Award from the School of Architecture and Environmental Design, City and Regional Planning Department.