Vision Land Design, Inc. has many years of experience, working locally and internationally as the lead consultant of an interdisciplinary design team and/or as a collaborating member of a design team. Our objective is to bring to the project a comprehensive master plan approach and design a concept that will shape the project, capture the unique quality of the project’s site and blends the client’s ideas and goals with the final solutions. The services we provide are as follows:

Master Planning

  •             Sustainable new community
  •             Lifestyle, destination, and entertainment resorts
  •             Golf courses, open spaces, and water amenity-oriented developments

Community Design

  •             Community and neighborhood framework design
  •             Community, neighborhood, and product-level design guidelines

 Design Refinement and Precise Design

  •            Hillside grading and design
  •             Lotting and subdivision design
  •             Concept and final detailed site planning
  •             Earthwork calculations

 Landscape Architectural Master Planning

  •            Master design concepts
  •             Open space and preservation areas
  •             Community use areas: parks, streetscapes, accesses, recreational facilities
  •             Recreational master planning of trails and activities
  •             Sustainability

 Landscape Architectural Design Refinement and Precise Design

  •             Refined design of all open space and landscape development areas
  •             Technical documentation of construction, planting, irrigation, lighting, and unique detailing of site features

 Development Strategies

  •             Due diligence inventory and analysis
  •             Density and phasing studies
  •             Value planning (review existing plans and identify additional development opportunities)

 Graphic Communication

  •             Project presentation graphics
  •             Project description
  •             Marketing and promotional materials

We strive to provide our clients with a comprehensive working experience to develop a project that represents their vision. Our years of experience in multifaceted projects allow us to not only fulfill our clients’ needs but also to provide them with innovative solutions. We do so while taking into consideration the economic and fiscal conditions, environmental awareness, and social and cultural aspects of the community to work with our clients in a manner that yields successful results while working responsibly.

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